Beth and John Thomson live in Cherokee County, Georgia, where they keep owls and other birds of prey who have been injured and can’t return to the wild. They first fell in love with these beautiful animals while volunteering at Amicalola State Park at the base of the Appalachian trail.

They take their bird program to schools, libraries, youth groups, events at private businesses that are open to the general public – such as Home Depot, Cabellas and Wildbirds Unlimited — garden clubs, state parks, and assisted living communities. If it has an educational purpose and is generally open to the public, they’ll do it. 

The Thomsons have permits from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to keep the birds for educational purposes. They’ve also been through a training course at the  University of Minnesota’s Raptor Center on the training and management of captive birds.

They’d love for you to meet the gang and learn more about the birds at your next event.


Photo by Eric Thomson

Cover Photo by  Pam Randolph